Thank you for visiting the Suzuki School career portal! We have an amazing faculty comprised of Montessori and Associate Teachers at our three campuses, with prime locations in Atlanta. We seek to hire passionate educators from diverse backgrounds including those who have studied education and also those from other professions and backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a teaching career. This is a place for those who are passionate about early childhood education, and for those who are interested in learning more about the Montessori teaching philosophy.

We are a unique preschool environment, and probably not what you would expect from a school for young children. We were founded as a traditional preschool in 1976 and eventually recognized that Montessori education was a truly transformational way to educate young children. Over the course of several years, we slowly transitioned to an authentic Montessori school, complete with Montessori certified teachers. Our culture encourages personal growth, collaboration, and excellence in every aspect of our organization from how we teach, to the meals we serve our students, to the facilities where we work, and also in how our leadership sets forth a culture of welcome and respect.

Hiring passionate employees from a variety of backgrounds fosters diversity and brings forth an exciting and challenging learning environment. As a school that values a life-long love of learning for both our students and our faculty, we put a heavy focus on faculty education - so much so, that we operate an accredited Montessori Teacher Education Institute so that those who want to become Montessori certified teachers are able to pursue their passion. We are also proud that the training center offers Associate training along with a variety of topics and trainings open to the Metro-Atlanta area early childhood community.

We do hope that you’ll consider joining our team of professionals dedicated to instilling the love of learning in every student. We would love to share our community with you!

  • Kelly Perryman

    Director, Northside Campus

    “ No one is like [the Suzuki School.] I immediately grew strong bonds with the staff, children, and families… The school has allowed me to grow and learn, as well as provided me with several opportunities for advancement. Suzuki is my second home! ”

  • Maya Boytchev

    Montessori Teacher

    “ I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschool children over the years and loved them all! It has been an exciting journey as I learned to teach, and studied to become a certified Montessori teacher. My job is my passion. ”

  • Deborah Grante

    Montessori Teacher

    “ Providing the education, ongoing support, materials and encouragement, Suzuki has “paved the way.” [for Montessori education]. I’ve been at Suzuki for a little over two years and have evolved from a substitute to a certified lead Montessori teacher! ”

Suzuki School Leadership

The Suzuki School comprises three campuses, two in Buckhead and one at Ponce City Market.

  • Paula Charles

    President, The Suzuki School

  • Kimberly Curtis

    Director, Buckhead

  • Kelly Perryman

    Director, Northside

  • Courtney May

    Director, Ponce City Market

  • Kristye Kingston

    Director of Human Resources

  • Casey Hardigan

    Assistant Director, Ponce City Market

  • Kristen Walker

    Assistant Director, Buckhead

  • Ashante Gilstrap

    Assistant Director, Northside

  • School closing calendar to allow faculty to replenish.

  • Subsidized childcare.

  • Heavily subsidized Montessori training.