We are seeking a trained Chef to work at a preschool in the Buckhead and Midtown areas. This person would work M-F from approximately 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, with slight adjustments tailored to the needs of the school. This position is full-time, between 30 and 35 hours each week. Flexibility is crucial; punctuality and consistent attendance is also a must. The Lead Chef position is responsible for preparing 3 meals/meal snacks a day for the children, as well as food for school events.

This is a great position for someone who is burned out on working nights and weekends, and who wants to be part of a caring community serving children. The position provides great benefits, included PTO/school closure days that are paid (can range between 34 and 38 days per year).

Major Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Food Preparation:

  • Prepare appetizing and nutritious meals according to standards and menus provided by the Food Services Manager in accordance with childcare industry regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that each classroom has the appropriate quantities of food based on portion control standards provided by the Food Services Manager.
  • Always prepare foods in the kitchen rather than leaving duties to the classroom, unless it may spoil if done ahead of time.

2. Food Safety and Kitchen Cleanliness:

  • Adhere to safety, security and sanitation procedures defined in Culinary Staff Handbook and through direction provided by management.
  • Properly clean and disinfect the kitchen environment according to commercial standards.
  • Follow guidelines published by ServSafe and regulatory agencies.
  • Prepare “dead man’s plate” daily and rotate weekly.
  • Prepare incident reports when necessary.
  • Ensure that no one with signs of illness (including vomiting, diarrhea, open infectious skin sores), or who is known to be infected with bacteria or viruses that can be carried in food, is responsible for food handling.

3. Adherence to Food Restrictions/Parent Communication:

  • Enforce nut free cooking and compliance.
  • Ensure that any customization to the menu for children is done according to Suzuki guidelines.
  • Properly inform parents of all ingredients in the menu for allergy and food intolerance reasons.
  • Partner with parents to answer their questions or concerns.

4. Food and Supplies Procurement:

  • Maintain an inventory of items in the kitchen.
  • Review and assist the weekly food order list prepared by the designated chef.
  • Track all purchases and track actual expenses against weekly budget provided by the Food Services Manager.
  • For incidental purchases, shop for items in the most cost-effective manner to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods.
  • Order and/or pick up 365 brand milk at Whole Foods.
  • Demonstrate fiscal and fiduciary responsibility with Suzuki credit cards, checks, and resources.

5. Accountability/Teaming:

  • The kitchen staff shall monitor and be held accountable for ensuring:
  • Food served according to published schedules.
  • Menu changes are minimal (defined as no more than 2 times per month)
  • Food is cooked in a safe manner using thermometers for quality control and safe handling procedures
  • Adhering to portion control standards, and can appropriately resolve issues when they arise

6. Other:

  • Assist others in the school as requested.
  • Support classrooms during evacuation by assisting with removal of children from the building.
  • Accepting of classroom and leadership feedback; ability to effectively implement changes as necessary.
  • In-depth understanding of regulatory requirements from Bright from the Start concerning food safety and food preparation.

Major Skills and Competencies:

Punctuality/Dependability: Adheres to the schedule for arrival time, lunches; comes to work on days when scheduled.

Interpersonal and collaborative skills: Ability to work collaboratively, effectively manage relationships with others, show appreciation and warmth, and display appropriate workplace etiquette with all stakeholders.

Team Player: Maintains positive working relationships with co-workers including classroom teachers, other chefs, administrative staff, and parents; effectively handles interpersonal conflict situations. “Jump in attitude”

Resourcefulness: Solves problems that arise in the kitchen in a manner that conforms with provided guidelines. Can work within the stated hours.

Getting Things Done: Demonstrates the ability to get results with competing demands.

Deadlines: Honors deadlines for getting food ready by published times.

Personal Accountability: Takes personal responsibility for what occurs in their kitchen; does not place blame.

Compliance with procedural requirements: Adheres to standard operating procedures (SOP); demonstrates knowledge of SOP by applying any steps, rules and/or guidelines needed to perform his/her job effectively. These SOP include not only Suzuki requirements but also regulatory requirements.

Record keeping skills: Maintains highly organized workplace

Attention to detail: Concentrates for an extended period of time; catches errors before completing assignments/orders; maintains high quality standards for his/her work.

Arithmetic Computation: Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Ability to follow recipes and adjust for quantities of children. Ability to measure and apportion food according to portioning guidelines.

Ability to lead and coach: Can assume a lead role in the kitchen train assistant chefs, and to do so in a respectful and effective manner (if they want to go through training)

Technology: Is comfortable using technology for ordering, budgeting, etc.